Afghanistan: 20 Years Down the Drain

    A look at what got us into Afghanistan and why our withdrawal was so disastrous.


    On Monday afternoon, President Biden addressed the nation and talked about a topic people have been circling on the calendar for months – the United States withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Months earlier, after nearly 20 years of US occupation, the Biden administration decided to announce a formal withdraw date, which has proved to be a political and tactical failure. 

    However, what has led up to this point? I take the historical and political longview and analyze how we got here. How a triumvirate of Neo-conservatives in the George W. Bush administration led us to Afghanistan and the Middle East and how a group of foreign policy holdovers from the Obama administration ultimately shaped the first major foreign policy blunder of the Biden administration. 

    The reality is that every side of this argument must share the blame for the failures of the mission, but was this ever going to be successful? I examine how the United States and Italy oddly serve as examples of how countries can both avoid and succumb to the pitfalls of the democratic experiment and whether the people leading our foreign policy discussion are well-equipped to deal with the world as it is today.


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