Breaking Down the Texas Abortion Law

    An explanation of the horrifying Texas abortion law, what it could lead to, and the steps needed to make it illegal.


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    In this mailbag episode, I answer listener questions on a variety of topics. I discuss how the country might not have been able to be established in the first place if they had 24/7 media in 1787. Then I move on to answer questions about the recent Texas abortion law and potential plans by Democrats to pack the Supreme Court. I explain how social issues tie both political parties in knots because their stance on those issues are hypocritical to how they position themselves ideologically on every other topic.

    I also dispel much of the false information surrounding the Texas abortion law and talk about its implications. With the 2022 election nearly a year away, I also break down whether we should expect more election challenges and how North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorne is doing his best to stoke the fires of hostility between the two parties. However, it’s not all serious as I get a chance to merge my love of horse racing and politics by explaining what unites my two biggest passions and which presidents would be the most fun to have at the races.

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