Failed Leadership During COVID


    What is the purpose of a leader? It’s a seemingly simple question but has produced complicated and complex answers for centuries. At the most fundamental level a leader should lead, but to where and with whom? Over the last 18 months, we have witnessed a crisis of leadership at nearly every level of government across the country as our chief executives (president, governors, and mayors) have all struggled to determine what their primary function is at a time when people are searching for leadership. 

    The election of President Biden in November was partially reflective of that desire from the populous to have a seemingly competent leader as millions of moderates and conservatives who likely disagreed with Mr. Biden on policy issues nevertheless voted for him due to the belief he would provide steadier leadership, which has had mixed returns. 

    In this episode, I ponder the question of leadership by looking back at the discussions of classical and enlightenment philosophers while using three modern-day examples (Mayor Lightfoot, Governor DeSantis, and President Biden) to answer the question of whether any of these leaders is fulfilling the true purpose of leadership.


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