The State of Education in 2021


    In this episode, I leverage my 15-years of experience teaching and working in higher education to break down the challenges we face in education as we emerge from the pandemic. If you watch the news you’ve heard plenty of Critical Race Theory or perhaps Anti-Critical Race Theory legislation making its way through various state legislatures. I break down how both of these approaches are harmful, particularly in light of what employers are looking for in their future employees.

    While the country loses its mind over the content being taught, far fewer people are discussing how we are going to put the pieces back together after a shattering 18-months that disrupted the educational, social, and cultural development of an entire generation of young people.

    Finally, I make the argument that traditional academic content is overrated. Quick, tell me what you remember from 10th-grade history. Exactly. Content is important, but focusing on test scores and mountains of homework to shove content down the throats of our kids isn’t developing the skills they’ll need in college and beyond. Take a listen to the entire episode to get a very nuanced approach to the state of education in the country and how we could work to improve it.


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