Could Llamas Hold the Cure to COVID?

    Scientists have identified nanobodies in llamas that can be turned into a nasal spray and help people recover from COVID in six days.


    There was a point in my life where headlines surprised me. Then COVID happened and it seemed like life turned into a movie.

    However, a recent headline caught me by surprise again. This time it’s about a promising cure to COVID and it all comes from none other than llamas.

    Essentially, scientists have identified nanobodies that llamas produce when infected with a virus. They can harvest these nanobodies from the llama’s blood, turn them into a nasal spray, and help people recover from COVID. In fact, tests show that the nanobody nasal spray helps people fully recover from COVID in six days. Health agencies are calling it “the most effective SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing agent.” Plus, this remedy is cheaper and easier to administer than vaccinations.


    The research is still in early phases, but it’s promising and reminds us that answers to solutions come from the most random of places like a llama.

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