COVIDiots Are Ruining Our Country

    650,000 mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children have died from COVID across the US but COVIDiots have "read the science."


    I understand that Americans take pride in their independence. As they should. Independence is a core function of our great country. It’s what makes America such a unique country. However, we have crossed a point where people value being “independent thinkers” above the good of society. We must not forget that we gained independence not for the individual, but for the benefit of the greater good. For the benefit of society.

    Sadly, the idea of benefitting society has totally disappeared. Gone are the days of caring for your neighbors, your citizens, and your country. COVIDiots have taken control and their selfishness both saddens and disgusts me. As of the time of writing this, 650,000 US citizens have died from COVID-19. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children. An invisible enemy has invaded our country and instead of caring, we choose selfishness.


    A solution arrived and selfishness took over. I understand there are exceptions. People dealing with life-threatening illnesses, like cancer, should avoid the vaccine. Pregnant women, people who already have antibodies from previous infections, and those who have legitimate medical reasons to not take the vaccine all get a pass. But, news flash, this is a small minority of people. Instead, people are choosing to get vaccinated because they “read the science” with their GED. Is this the science you read, the one that says the vaccine is safe? How about this one from a non-government source?

    I’m just tired of selfishness taking over our country. I respect individual rights. But at what point can you look at 650,000 fellow Americans dying and say “the one solution that is proven to work is not for me and I’m never going to take that.” It saddens me. It upsets me. I can only hope we see a reverse in the trend.

    Also on this episode: the fact that white men are actually having it worse in college than any other group, the absolute stupidity of our visa system, and the fact that Californians are still waiting for clean water.

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