If You Think Our Election Process Is Bad Then You Are Uncultured

    Does your vote have to travel 13 hours by mule one way so it can get counted, like in Argentina?


    Does the US have a 100% perfect election process? Absolutely not because it is impossible for anything to be 100% perfect. Even if something is 99% perfect, there is still that 1% wiggle room.

    Does the US have the worst election process? Absolutely not. In fact, I would argue that our election process is still the gold standard for elections across the world, despite what woke media wants you to think.

    To see what I’m talking about, let’s take a look at Argentina. Argentina is going through its primary elections, also known as the “PASO primaries.” Polling stations, ballot boxes, and workers are set up everywhere across the country. Here’s the thing, Argentina isn’t necessarily a rich country. Not everyone has a car, getting to some places is only accessible via animal travel, and COVID-19 is tearing through the country. For some provinces, election workers have to travel 12 hours by mule just to collect a vote. And then they have to do another 12 hours, on a mule, in the middle of the night to take the vote back.

    We take the simplicity of our elections for granted when you compare it to a country like Argentina. People are traveling 12 hours overnight on a mule to make sure a vote gets in. We complain that showing registration is racist and that too few ballot boxes is a form of voter suppression. Supposedly waiting in line to vote is classist and shows privilege while other countries require some of the most dangerous trips, by boat through rough terrain, just to get a vote to its intended destination.


    This doesn’t mean we should accept our current election process. We can, and should, constantly improve. However, our election process does not make us “literally authoritarian and worse than China or Russia” as I’ve seen people claim. Saying that shows your absolute lack of understanding of how other countries vote. I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticize our process. I’m saying that you need to understand that our process is democratic, our process is easier than 99% of countries, and our process leaves very little room for fraud. Listen to today’s episode to hear my full rundown of Argentina’s elections, what happens when wind stops blowing in countries that rely on turbines, and more.


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