Italy’s Oldest Bank Just Collapsed

    The Monte dei Paschi, Italy's oldest bank formed 550 years ago, just collapsed due to bad management and this is a travesty.


    Standing in Siena, Italy is the Monte dei Paschi. It’s a bank that is 549 years old. That’s right, a single bank predates Columbus’s landing in America by 20 years. And it’s closing all because of poor management. This really is a tragic story when you stop and consider how many different historical events this bank lived through. Empires rose and fell, wars came and went, travel went from the oceans to the stars, yet the Monte dei Paschi always remained.

    It’s a sad day for the people in Siena who looked up to the bank. It’s a sad day for Italy as an institution collapses. And it’s a sad day for competency as you realize mismanagement is to blame.

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