Joe Biden Is a #2 President

    We have #1 presidents and we have #2 presidents. Between COVID, the border crisis, and Afghanistan, Biden proves that he is a #2 president.


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    There are two types of presidents. Those who get things done, and those who don’t. I call these “#1 presidents” and “#2 presidents.” Joe Biden is a #2 president. As a matter of fact, we have yet to see a #1 president at all in the 21st century.

    But, since Joe Biden is the current president, he gets the focus today. Joe Biden has done nothing to prove he is a #1 president. But, let’s be honest, we all knew this going into the election. So many different candidates had the potential to be a #1, but we picked a #2.

    I already see pushback on this sentiment. Take a look at the current state of affairs in America. COVID is arguably worse than before Biden was president and with no leadership direction. The border crisis happening was already bad and it’s getting out of control now. But since Biden took office the best we can get out of the administration are stifled laughs from Kamal. Do I even need to say anything about Afghanistan? That speaks for itself. I don’t think anyone disagrees – we needed to get out of Afghanistan. It was a failed mission from another #2 president. But the organization surrounding our withdrawal embarrassed us globally and basically showed countries, like China, that we are clueless.

    Listen to today’s episode to hear my full rant around Biden being a #2 president. More of my two cents on this episode: China & the environment, MLB & social justice/pretentious fans, we are killing our youth, and the Supreme Court.

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