The Other Global Crash: Birth Rate

    The global population is expected to top 7.95 billion people by 2022. Now countries are worried about a massive reversal in the coming decades.


    For years we have heard of a dramatic increase in the global population. By 2022 the world’s population is expected to reach 7.95 billion people. That’s a massive, unfathomable number. It also comes with wide-reaching implications from food to shelter to the environment.

    While the global population isn’t necessarily shrinking, what you might not have noticed is a massive reversal in the growth rate. This is particularly strong in less developed nations, like Latvia, which has experienced a 17% reduction in population. Things getter worse when you look at Lithuania, whose numbers top 23%.

    However, this trend impacts even the wealthiest of countries like the United States and China. Making this worse is the fact that the demographic makeup of countries is skewing towards the elderly. The workforce shortage right now will look like pebbles in a few decades.


    Countries are testing ways to encourage higher birth rates. Some are experiencing success, others aren’t. Overall, working on the birth rate is something that will be a challenge for years to come.

    This is a packed episode so tune in to hear about global shortages, Christmas shopping, environmental issues, and a lot more.


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