The Vaccine Dilemma for Colleges

    Vaccination status issues put academic institutions in a sticky situation as colleges try and mitigate COVID-19 risks.


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    Rutgers University has made headlines this week for something all colleges are struggling with: student vaccinations. In this particular situation, Rutgers University has suspended one particular, unvaccinated, student from attending any and all classes. There are two catches to this. The first is that the student is fully online and living over 70 miles away from campus. The second ties in with this student’s enrollment status. While he is taking a fully online curriculum, he is not a Rutgers “online” student. He is a full-time student who happens to be taking online courses. As a result, he must abide by the same rules as on-campus students. Meaning, until he is vaccinated, he cannot take any classes.

    This highlights growing issues at colleges across the nation. To me, this addresses the lack of technological capabilities at most of our universities. It should be a simple process to look at a student’s enrollment and identify those who are on campus and those who are off-campus. This should have been a policy considering the highly political nature of the vaccines. At the same time, it shows the reluctance across the nation towards vaccinations. All in all, I’m glad I’m not a college administrator.

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