Race Recap: Keeneland, Letruska, Baby Yoda, and More


    The great horse racing historian Bill Nack once opined with regards to Secretariat that the only reason the horse ever lost was because he was handled by humans who, by their very nature, are flawed. He speculated that if Secretariat had been handled by someone other than flawed mortals that he may have been undefeated. I love watching horses rise above the flaws of their connections since we, as humans, tend to get in the way of the pure grace and elegance of horses.

    This weekend at Keeneland we witnessed the phenomenon to which Nack referred. On Saturday, Althiqa who looked so incredibly impressive in her first two Grade 1 victory in the United States finished a pedestrian fourth and she never got a chance to run on the trip that her jockey, Jamie Spencer, gave her. Sometimes horses are only as good as the humans controlling the reins. However, on Sunday we witnessed the dominance of a horse who does not care about flaws when Letruska won her fourth…that’s right, fourth…Breeders’ Cup Win and You’re In race of the year. She is the dominant horse in her division and, in my opinion, the horse of the year. I love watching her run because I’m reminded of Nack’s quote and seeing a horse transcend will always bring a smile to my face.


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