TikTok Has Convinced People That the Harry Potter World Actually Exists

    People on TikTok have convinced themselves that they can shift to the Harry Potter world. In reality, they just discovered lucid dreaming for the first time.


    Hands down the best thing about TikTok is observing ridiculous trends as they pop up. It really explains the current problems of the world. You get to see how truly gullible and naive people really are.

    My attention was drawn to a trend called shifting. At its core, it involves the Harry Potter universe, meditation, and lucid dreaming. But DO NOT point out the meditation or lucid dreaming part because shifters get upset. Let’s go through the rundown of this trend and how funny it is.

    First, you have to believe that the Harry Potter world is both real and that you belong in that world. Second, you have to fall asleep and think of the Harry Potter world. Then, miraculously, you get “shifted” into the Harry Potter universe. You can walk around, talk with people, and everything. One person on TikTok even detailed their sexual relationship with the characters. Yes, people broadcast that to the world.

    Here’s the thing about shifting. It’s literally lucid dreaming. You watch a video that teaches you how to lucid dream but you tell yourself that you’re breaking the universe and going to another dimension. Some TikToks even give you shifting pointers like “close your eyes and focus on nothing but your breath. This is a good preshift technique.” Bro, that’s literally called meditation.

    It’s not that there’s anything wrong with meditation and lucid dreaming. It just blows my mind that people are discovering this, giving it a new name altogether, and then telling themselves it’s a tool for crossing dimensions and universes. Listen to the episode for more.


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