Can’t She Just Go Away!

There is lots to discuss today and it all begins with Hilary Clinton. Will this woman please go away and leave us alone! She remains way too active on the talk and lecture circuit and it has gotten to be too much for me. From there we talk about the Amazon Cloud breakdown and whether that makes you feel ancient (apparently if you feed your pets without an internet device you are ancient!).

I get upset with the imprisonment of a former Danish Immigration Minister and the hypocrisy of the EU with their Rule of Law. We look at WW2 Allies and enemies and come to realize how those designations have changed in the past 70 years. We analyze the vote in New Caledonia and its effect on global politics. I also discuss the Olympic Boycott this coming February and China’s threats to those countries who have diplomatic boycotts. Finally, we have some books and movie recommendations for the holiday season. Lots today and lots more again next Monday in our next episode of Views on the News.


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