Democrats Gerrymandering Gets Covered Up!

The dirty little secret that the media will not tell you is that the Dems are just as guilty of gerrymandering as the GOP. We expose this issue in today’s episode. We examine the “toughest” EU sanctions against Belarus and find out they are rather toothless! Also, we have a brief look at the Theranos trial of Elizabeth Holmes. Also, we look at a federal power grab relating to High Voltage Power lines, a lawsuit in Nevada to stop Geothermal power plant being built on religious tribal grounds, and an all-electric development of 19,333 homes that will actually put a quarter-million metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere, Oops! Germany will miss their climate goals for 2022 & 23, but nuclear energy still is a contentious issue in the EU. The EU cannot agree on much of anything other than their banning of Tattoo ink! Ah yes, so many issues. And I will be back on Monday with a new episode of Views on the News!


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