The Christmas Conundrum 2021

What has happened to Christmas once again? Between supply chain issues, inflation, and the Omicron variant we are being bombarded by bad news day after day with no end in sight. It is up to us to make this Holiday fun because it is not coming from the news. And speaking of news, where do you get your news. There is bias on both sides of the media and we have to try and find some common ground because the media and our politicians are unable to do so. We look at the first decision of the 21-22 Supreme Court, a 9-0 decision in the case of Mississippi vs. Tennessee, and come to understand that the judges are not always as divided as the national media wants us to believe. And we end up taking a look at Russia, China, and what they are doing to destabilize Eastern Europe and Asia. Come back next Monday for more Views on the News.


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