The Hottest Musical Group on the Charts!

Where else can this story come from but our friends in Australia! Truly the most unique Top 5 Album I have heard!! Then we go back to learn more about that Ransomeware attack on the small hospital in Japan, and stay in Asia to determine if Koreans are proud of their Korean Fried Chicken! Find out what Penguins are doing to assist robots, and the Mayor of Paris has run into some opposition in her attempts to change the city. Travel to Africa to find out about the newest UNESCO Heritage Award, and then back to Paris to celebrate the 100th birthday of a popular drink. Apparently, lobsters and other sea creatures have feelings, and we look at the painful demise of a huge bird 50,000 years ago. Finally travel to Italy to discover one of the most bizarre Michelin star restaurants. All this, and more tomorrow on Views on the News.


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