The TV Syrup Wars

Fascinating mix of stories today beginning with the Syrupy Christmas movie wars going on between Hallmark and GAC Family movie channels. From there we go to the European Court of Justice where its lead judge worries about the fact that the EU is in danger (and, of course, the courts are there to help out the EU); A Thai construction tycoon is convicted of poaching endangered animals; and we look at the supply shortage for over 3,100 drugs in Japan. We also take a look at the Rastafarian religion and how it celebrates a most important day in its religion; as well as a 90-year old farmer who has a new profession! In Berlin, a Russian has just been convicted of a contract killing and guess who might be behind this??? Finally, we look at 2 stories from the US, the first about the sad state of the Ocean Liner, The Queen Mary, that sits in Long Beach Harbor, and then off to Maine for Squirrelzilla! Come back for more tomorrow.


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