A Ribbon and Lots of Intrigue
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A Ribbon and Lots of Intrigue

We have a lot of Snapshots to cover this week! We start it off by covering some details on the FIRST detective story ever published by none other than Edger Allen Po, “Murder in the Rue Morgue.” There’s a lot of controversy around this one but we get to the bottom of it. Then, we talk about the mysterious murder of Nancy Titterton, a novelist and wife of an NBC executive. A single strand of horsehair solved this murder. Then, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” goes to number one on the Billboard charts. There’s also a lot of controversy on the origins of this song. Of course, we discover the true origins on this episode. And lastly, who lays claim to the home of espresso causes tensions across Italy. Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they don’t miss out on all the fun too!

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