A Trip Around the World

A Trip Around the World

As usual, we have a lot of nostalgia and history to go over today. Nellie Bly is born this week in 1864. This journalist, industrialist, and inventor isn’t well known but she made her impact on history and has an incredible story. William Randolph Hearst is also born this week in history! Does that name sound familiar? Think Citizen Kane! We go over all of that, of course. And… another birth! The last one is Calamity Jane, American frontierswoman, sharpshooter, and raconteur. We also take a look back at the most special Snapshots of them all, the podcast’s one-year anniversary! Thank you for joining me on this ride. Also, our apologies for today’s audio. We had some technical difficulties but we can assure you that it is already fixed for the next episode.

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