Candy and Bid - America's Game #2

Candy and Bid – America’s Game #2

Welcome to the second edition of America’s Game, a special edition to the podcast all about baseball! Today we’re taking a trip to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Specifically, we’re looking at two unknown players in the Hall of Fame. The first is Candy Cummings, the inventor of the curveball and the top pitcher of his era. Plus, he is the smallest person in the Hall of Fame. Then, we learn about Bid McPhee, a personal favorite of mine. He was one of the last players to play the game WITHOUT a glove! He is also the last person admitted to the Hall of Fame whose career was during the 1800s. Of course, there is a lot more to the two players and we talk about some extra history as well. If you love baseball then you’re going to love this episode. Know someone who loves baseball and baseball history? Then make sure to send this episode to them.

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