The Duke, A Storyteller, and a Whole Lot More

Today's Snapshots in history: John Spilsbury dies, John Wayne gets an Oscar, Hans Christian Anderson is born, and elephants on parade!

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On today’s episode of Snapshots, we start by looking at the death of John Spilsbury. Don’t recognize the name of a guy born in the 1700s? You’ve probably heard of his invention, the jigsaw puzzle! Then, we take a look at 1970 when John Wayne gets an Oscar. Then we rewind time to visit the 1800s with the birth of novelist Hans Christian Anderson, who penned such works as The Little Mermaid. We also sneak in a fun story involving Hans Christian Anderson and Charles Dickens. Lastly, we address the elephant in the room…literally! We talk about elephants!


Blaine is a retired attorney and professional wrestling promoter. He hosts Snapshots and Dinner and a... podcast.

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  1. When faced with a large task and you have trouble getting motivated one might say “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

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