The Voices Behind Amalfi Media

Meet the Team


Co-Host Binge Bros, TikTok Trends, & No Fear Cooking. Hates flannel, only owns sweatpants, wears socks with Birkenstocks.


Co-Host TikTok Trends. Refuses to shop anywhere that isn’t Costco, amateur retiree, can’t distinguish between left and right.


Co-Host Binge Bros. Ideas guy, recently converted to the air fryer lifestyle, tries to hide the fact that he lived in Ohio for a period of time.


Host The Win Place Show & Political Perspectives. Might have a small Twitter addiction, would declare diet Mountain Dew the national drink of America if elected President, could name every 80s’ movie if asked to.


Host Views on the News. Blames Steve Jobs any time his tech isn’t working, uses Bing but calls it Google, has a strange obsession with printing and sharpie highlighters.


Co-Host No Fear Cooking. Answers all spam calls, says goodbye but continues talking for another hour, regularly double fists LaCroix.


Co-Host No Fear Cooking. Refuses to get a job, enjoys food, prefers sleeping on laps, hasn’t paid rent in 7+ years.

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